Adoo doing just fine

Adoo doing just fine. He has now started making proper “turn over” on bed! Strong boy.


I did it on my dad!

I was strolling in the strong arms of my “dadu” and before one can realize i made him one full 20 ML feel of my “pee-pee” and then happily made him feel 20 Gm. of my “chee-chee” 🙂

i am happy for what i did and have no regreets, since my dadu is also happy with it….

he is currently acting as a “cyber labor” and updating the blog for me….

more pics are available…

Agastya following mom’s eyes…

Today at the end of almost 33 days, our bachu has just started following the eyes and face movements!

This is in a way first sign of responsiveness from him…..

Party is on today….every one is invited!

Let us know what you feel!

Accomplished First Month

Hey folks!!!
Today I am one month old. Life so far has been so busy doing pee, potty, feeding, sleeping and huhh two types of bath : Sun bath plus water bath. While I am learning how to take feed, though right now it gives lot of pain to my mom.

In first month we three (common it’s me, mom and dadu … who else) were / are trying to adjust with each other with totally new things and schedules every day. During all these my dadu has got viral infection. It has also infected me. I have started coughing frequently … Dammmm!!! Mom was telling everyone that I have started coughing since last one week but then everybody thought its not the actual cough. At times then I have started puking out milk when coughing. Doesn’t matter I have been given medicines and now I am fine.

Since its hot outside, my skin reacted on massage oil applied to me. Lucky boy I am, now I am not getting massage…. only bath..heheheeh. Also, I have got my second dosage of polio and got marking on my right leg’s little finger.

To give you an update…stop calling me Adoo. My parents named me Agastya … Cool!!!!

Do check out my latest pics HERE

I have a name now!!!

Now, its done! Our bachu has the official name with him!

We plan to name him “Agastya”. It means “Lord Shiv”.

Also, there were a great saint by the name of Agastya….

Wrong title……

I have been facing lot of heat by putting a wrong title of “Days Short & Night Long…” because according to Mamma (mayuri) this is not true….because mom says that…